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Anand Kulkarni kulk_anand at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 11:57:34 IST 2007


We represent a social organization. We develop free
educational softwares for the school children.

We are very glad to give you information about the
current event happening in the Dhule district. Dhule
district is located in Maharashtra state. There are
around 583 ZP primary schools in Dhule. As a major
decision, Dhule ZP had decided to bring computer
education in the primary schools. So they have
provided 2 computers for every primary school. 

After this they started with the teacher's computer
training. The training period is 12 full days for each
batch. I am very glad to inform you that ZP Dhule
shown interest in our open source CD "Sanganak
Saksharata Abhiyaan" and they have purchased total 583
CDs i.e. one for each teacher. It is our
responsibility to give demonstration to the school
teachers and train them to install this CD on their

This demonstration and training is started in the
month of Jan 2007 and expected to end by the end of
April 2007. Already we have trained around 300
teachers. Every teacher will be given one copy of our
open source CD and the teacher is supposed to install
this CD in his school.

Our CD comprises the following:
1) Open Office
2) Open Office Marathi User Guide
3) Educational Games (GCompris: http://gcompris.net)
4) CLM (Computer Literacy Movement) software.

You can download these contents from

Thus we are spreading open source concept in the Dhule
district. The project is going very smooth. The
response is also very good. And by the end of April
2007, we expect to complete the training of all 583
school teachers.

I may also add here that the Dhule is the first
district in Maharashtra, which is perfomring such
large scale trachers training. Since, this model is
successful, the state government is willing to
replicate the same model in all districts of the
state. Naturally, they have agreed to use our open
source CDs in all districts of the state.

I think its a major achievement for open source

If you want to give us any inputs please feel free to
do that.

With Regards,

Anand Kulkarni
Sarvangin Vikas Sanstha

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