Prashanth munichlinux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 15:02:05 IST 2007

On 3/20/07, Somesh  Bartakke <somesh at qvitindia.com> wrote:
> I have SuSe Linux 10.1, Sony Ericsson K320 handset, BSNL card-GPRS enabled.
> Please let me know how to access internet from my Linux desktop desperately otherwise
> I have to use it on win32 as CD provided by sony ericsson contains win32 softwares.

If you are using bluetooth to connect the mobile to the pc, then you
would need to install the packages matching "bluez", "obex" and
kbluetooth.  A step-by-step guide is at
Once rfcomm is set up, KMobileTools (or others) could be set up using
/dev/rfcomm0 to send SMS or use other mobile services.  Of course,
simple file transfers could be done using obex utilities, like the K
Bluetooth OBEX Client, even without rfcomm setup, but for SMS and few
others, it is a must.




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