[PLUG] Ubuntu edgy

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 18:14:47 IST 2007

> It's called distro fatigue.  There comes a point in time when people start
> to look beyond bragging rights about successful install and driver
> insertion, and want to get some work done.

Ya, I guess people work with computers. I use it mostly for information
gathering, computing my taxes  and  an  occasional game. But all of that
pales off when a new fedora or in recent times Ubuntu is launched. I have
to have it and install it. The kind of kick that gives me is second only to
installing a new piece of hardware....which is very rarely.

You've nailed it about Ubuntu - the CD will obviously not carry all drivers
> etc.  You can also try Knoppix 1.1 or Mandriva 2007 according to your deb
> /
> rpm inclination - both work rather well with minimum fuss about drivers,
> as
> they have less of a politico-philosophical constraint.  I was surprised
> with
> the Knoppix Live DVD - it booted fairly quickly, detected the default
> internet connection, recognized hardware, and let me create a pretty
> little
> card for my daughter in Tuxpaint on my Lenovo R60, all in Live mode.  It
> may
> have some stability issues though, as it includes more of the cutting edge
> stuff and is not as thoroughly tested as Fedora / Ubuntu.  I also needed
> to
> reboot the computer once and pass the necessary resolution parameter at
> boot
> time for the LCD.  Another irritating aspect was the way sub-levels of the
> start menu take up the whole screen, and fonts need to be tweaked in all
> distros except Ubuntu to keep eyes from watering.
> By the way, is it just me, or does this list bounce slightly longish mails
> only selectively?
> --
In recent times at least these guys have not bounced any of my mails....but
it happens in every plug members life in plug ....my opinion.

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