[PLUG] Re: Open Office in Government

Pramukh Pracharak - Grahak Raja Jaga Ho manoj at grahakraja.org
Wed Mar 21 20:43:18 IST 2007

Hello Mr. Anand Kulkarni

> I was also thinking in the same direction. But I am
> not aware about how receive required information from
> Govt under Information Act. If you help us then we can
> certainly seek the details of govt expenditure on
> proprietory softwares.

With the help of Right to Information Act 2005 we can get almost all types
of information from Government/Public Sector Organisations.
Please visit RTI section of our website http://www.grahakraja.org And you
will get all the details about RTI.
We need to file applications under RTI for getting information about funds
spent for purchasing Licensed softwares to all Government Organisations in

> YES.. You are right. We must knock the door of the
> court of law. But its a long process and will involve
> some level of expenditure.

We can file the PIL online at http://supremecourtofindia.nic.in/

I will attend the PLUG meeting on 7th April 07 & discuss the ISSUE in

Thanks with Regards

Manoj Ovhal
Pramukh Pracharak
"Grahak Raja Jaga Ho"
URL : http://www.grahakraja.org

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