Network problems (was Re: [PLUG] Re: GNU India on the Microsoft scourge in Government)

Kaustubh Gadkari kaustubh.gadkari at
Thu Mar 22 22:44:49 IST 2007

> I had previously posted about this problem I am facing in Fedora Core 6.  I
> can resolve all URLs from the command line, and Firefox works with the IP
> addresses, but not with the URLs themselves. Yum doesn't work either,
> probably for the same reason.  However, Konqueror just works fine!  No
> problemo.

I am using Kubuntu 6.10. And it does not work in Firefox or Konqueror.
The IP leads me to a page that just says "Welcome to HBCSE!".

> I also tried my setup with a Knoppix Live DVD, and it worked like a charm.
> Firefox, Konqueror everything.  So could it be that FC6 has some issues in
> dealing with a modem/router setup and IP address assigned via DHCP? Some of
> the Fedora brand upholders could help.

Well, I am using a vpn here at my university, so I don't think that's
the problem.

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