Network problems (was Re: [PLUG] Re: GNU India on the Microsoft scourge in Government)

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> I had previously posted about this problem I am facing in Fedora Core 6.
> can resolve all URLs from the command line, and Firefox works with the IP
> addresses, but not with the URLs themselves. Yum doesn't work either,
> probably for the same reason.  However, Konqueror just works fine!  No
> problemo.

I am using Kubuntu 6.10. And it does not work in Firefox or Konqueror.
The IP leads me to a page that just says "Welcome to HBCSE!".

> I also tried my setup with a Knoppix Live DVD, and it worked like a charm.
> Firefox, Konqueror everything.  So could it be that FC6 has some issues in
> dealing with a modem/router setup and IP address assigned via DHCP? Some
> the Fedora brand upholders could help.

 >>>>>  Problem is simple "The Firewall" & "DNS". Add DNS suffix in FC 6 and
try again. Or specify correct DNS addresses.
 By default Firewall options are disabled in "Knoppix 5.1". So even you can
connect to wireless network.

Well, I am using a vpn here at my university, so I don't think that's  >>>
What do you mean by using VPN ? To connect to internet, nobody uses VPN. VPN
is to estblish secure conenction between 2 or more sites for communication.
If your accesing resources from branch of ur university in Canada, your
automatically conencted via VPN tunnel. Otherwise, while using internet,
your not going via VPN tunnel.

the problem.

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