Network problems (was Re: [PLUG] Re: GNU India on the Microsoft scourge in Government)

Kaustubh Gadkari kaustubh.gadkari at
Fri Mar 23 23:51:25 IST 2007

> What do you mean by using VPN ? To connect to internet, nobody uses VPN.
> VPN is to estblish secure conenction between 2 or more sites for communication.
> If your accesing resources from branch of ur university in Canada, your
> automatically conencted via VPN tunnel. Otherwise, while using internet,
> your not going via VPN tunnel.

I know what a VPN is used for. I wanted to point out that we do not
use a proxy. We have a VPN that connects to a VPN concentrator, which
then connects to the gateway router.


Kaustubh Gadkari
kaustubh.gadkari at

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