[PLUG] Sata 160 GB

Anant Nitya ananitya at prachanda.info
Wed Mar 28 15:27:09 IST 2007

On 3/28/07, Rajiv Gore <rajiv at wsieng.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir
> I have a new  160 GB SATA hard disk .I have  installed Mandriva 2007.
> After re booting the system , hard disk shows bad blocks and doesnot boot.
> I tried FC 6 as well as Suse 10.2 but same problem.
Run smartctl and go through the information it responds with, well
having bad blocks does not means your HDD is going to die in general.
But yep it might be an indication to pre-failure also. Run smartctl
and see the stats.

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