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Tue May 1 00:43:27 IST 2007

+++ Shodhan Bhave [PLUG] [30-04-07 00:42 +0530]:
| is there any software/utility similar to Norton Ghost by means of which
| I can backup the complete system?
| Shodhan

18.12.7 Which Backup Program Is Best?
dump(8) Period. Elizabeth D. Zwicky torture tested all the backup
programs discussed here. The clear choice for preserving all your data
and all the peculiarities of UNIX file systems is dump. Elizabeth
created file systems containing a large variety of unusual conditions
(and some not so unusual ones) and tested each program by doing a
backup and restore of those file systems. The peculiarities included:
files with holes, files with holes and a block of nulls, files with
funny characters in their names, unreadable and unwritable files,
devices, files that change size during the backup, files that are
created/deleted during the backup and more. She presented the results
at LISA V in Oct. 1991.

Check out the following link for more details:

Interesting read:

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