[PLUG] KMail related

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Tue May 8 10:26:43 IST 2007

I am trying to manage two different kmail enviroments.  Wondering if
this is posible?

I have old (upto 5 years old) mails in
folder which I have copied from my old machine.

New machine has messages stored under

Can I keep (maintain) both the folders active by adding names of
folders to the kmailrc?


I do not know what is the exact syntax but I am assuming comma would work.

I really do not really want to copy those mails to only one location
unless it is a must (think of this as a **GNU+Linux** dilemna, if you
must :-)

Just writing this to know if anyone really knows the correct answer
before I start on expedition of trying out various combinations.

पूर्वआभार (Thanks in Advance)

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