Sharninder sharninder at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 11:09:28 IST 2007

> >   1> PHP
> >        indepth knowledge of PHP, Configuring
> Apache, pgSQL, mySQL
> >
> >   2> GTK / GNOME
> >        GTK widgets, embedding browsers in GTK
> windows, OpenGL, XLib
> >
> Everybody (including myself, some months back) has
> been looking for PHP
> developers.  What is the hit:miss ratio on this one?
>  I have heard that it
> is hard to find PHP-only developers as people tend
> to move ahead to Java for
> career advancement, and therefore you only find
> freshers in this space.
> Am I right?

Yes, to a certain extent. PHP has made an easy goin
reputation for itself and so not many indians think of
it as a career making language like say, C or Java.

Moreover it is assumed (and is true to a certain
extent) that companies working in php are mostly
developing websites for small clients and don't pay as
good as companies making enterprise applications. The
concept of enterprise class applications developed in
php hasn't yet reached India, IMHO.


The fish are biting. 
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