[PLUG] About SCJP exam

Roshan d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 15 18:19:52 IST 2007

--- nilesh deo wrote:

> hi
> well i have a problem I hav inquired in SEED
> infotech and NIIT camp for the
> brochure
> NIIT is offering it in 4500
> while SEED is offering it in 7500
> why is this
> any body taken the exam.
> kindly reply

Is this about SCJP exam or the course that they intend
to offer? Is that NIIT branch a prometric centre? 

> This might not be related to the group, sorry for
> that.

The next time you post an email similar to this one,
to the list, mark it with [OT] in the subject line. :)

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