[PLUG] Microsoft says 235 of its patents were violated by F/OSS

Chetan Kumar chetanku at gmail.com
Tue May 15 22:10:39 IST 2007

Hi all
Following are the facts
1. There is a report in Fortune about the next possible steps by MS
2. It talks about the (perceived/reported) advantage MS has due to
some FOSS being in violation of some patents that MS owns.
3. Some other sites (including ecommercetimes) has picked up this
story and said some things
The points to be noted are
a. MS has come out with a veiled threat to users of FOSS. A real
threat would be a legal move to users and/or developers.
b. This is a developing story as they have not still made any *actual*
moves. In fact, as some sites (like slashdot) have points raised by
members, the advantage MS has is that of a threat alone. Making any
move  (legal notices, revealing precise information about the patents)
will take away the benefits

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