[PLUG] Microsoft says 235 of its patents were violated by F/OSS

guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Wed May 16 15:35:17 IST 2007

Also there is a treaty between United States and India, under which,
if you commit offense that is punishable in a court of law of united
states, and you happened to be in India sooner or later (mostly
because you are sitizen of India), then you need to be tried in India
not in United States.  You cannot be extradited to united states nor
taken to  Guantanamo Bay!  Thats is like saying everybody follows all
the laws (even the ones they themselves wrote) when they want to act
benevolently or otherwise!

This was a small news I read about 5 years back.

Details of this need to be *dug* (thats **PUG** with ***P*** rotated
180 degrees) using RTI act.  :-)

"Everything is a piece of art till it hurts you"

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