[PLUG] Microsoft says 235 of its patents were violated by F/OSS

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Thu May 17 15:58:02 IST 2007

On 5/17/07, sudhanwa Jogalekar <sudhanwa.com at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/17/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> For criminal and other such cases, there could be treaties between the
> countries to handover the suspects. ( eg, recent Argentina case for
> Quotraochi and other older example of Portugal)

In my extremely limited knowledge, I believe that extradition treaties can
be enforced either when a) a crime has been committed in the nation that
invokes it, and the accused is present in the respondent nation, or b) a
'crime against the nation' has been committed outside the boundaries of the
subject nation, while the accused is present in a nation that is a party to
an extradition treaty at the time of its invocation.

Recently, there have been cases of RIAA demanding extradition of students in
Australia for breach of copyright.  Australia and Canada have been much
maligned recently for allowing DMCA-style provisions in their copyright
legislation and their enforcement .

We, as supporters of freedom, need to be aware that a nefarious partnership
of the likes of Microsoft, Entertainment MNCs such as Sony and our corrupt
politicians might be trying to change the rather relaxed regulations we
have.  Microsoft in particular has been making noises in the media about
enforcing copyright protection in India.

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