[PLUG] [commercial] business proposals / ideas invited

Pramukh Pracharak - Grahak Raja Jaga Ho manoj at grahakraja.org
Wed May 30 00:02:10 IST 2007

Hello Jayant

You can start a Linux Station
You can arrange PCs with different flavours of Linux installed.
There are so many students/professionals who wants to get hands on
experience on Linux with different flavours, But either they dont have
enough knowledge about Linux or they dont want to install it on their own
PC. Many times they have one hard disk with dual boot option windows &
Linux. And they wants to try another flavour of Linux. In this case They can
come to your place and use Linux, Plus you can get a broadband connection.
And other people can come to your place for internet browsing.  You can
charge them on per hour basis.

Many people wants to learn installation/configuration of Linux on their own.
But they are scared of installing on own PCs. You can keep two/three PCs
seperately for this purpose. And anyone can come & install/configure Linux
on your PCs. You can charge double the normal rates for this type of usage.

You can also keep a MAC/Sun Solaris


Manoj Ovhal
Pramukh Pracharak
"Grahak Raja Jaga Ho"
URL : http://www.grahakraja.org

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> On 5/27/07, jayant ogale <jaogale at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> >
> > hi,
> > i am having two shops, situated in the heart of the
> > city, on the main road.
> > area is about 650 sq. ft.
> > i am inviting business proposals for the utilisation
> > of the said place.
> > i have some ideas as follows.
> > 1] computer training institute.
> > 2] computer maintenence / repair workshop.
> > 3] periferal and spares retail / wholesale.
> > 4] mobile repairing / training.
> > 5] bank ATM etc. etc.
> > ofcourse, other innovative ideas are welcomed. the
> > proposer should be fully interesed and accept the
> > responsibility to execute the same.
> > fresh graduates looking for some venture can be
> > considered.
> > i am not sure whether this is a right platform for
> > these kind of things.
> > please correct me, if necessary.
> > thanks,
> > jayant.
> To answer that question, we must first ask: does it run Linux?
> If the answer is No, then definitely this is not the forum for you.
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