[PLUG] [OT] S-Video to Composite adapter cable

Rohan Dighe rsdighe at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 30 09:20:49 IST 2007

On 5/26/07, Mayuresh <mayuresh at acm.org> wrote:
> I am looking for an adapter cable to connect S Video out of laptop to
> Composite video in of TV.
> I have figured out (by inserting wires in video out and connecting manually to
> TV's RCA jack etc) that there is no composite signal readily available in the
> S-Video out of the laptop. The luminance and chroma are available separately.
> If I just short these two I get the correct picture on TV.
> From web search I figure out that a simple capacitor coupling is required
> between these two signals to get composite video out. Hence what it requires
> is not just cable but an adapter with a small circuit built in.


I am surprised to hear that you are not able to get an S-Video to
COMPOSITE cable in pune... let me give u an address

go to BABU GAMES near NISHANT THEATRE in camp.
i am sure that he will have that cable.. this guy repairs all ps2/ps3
stuff you know he has all the stuff that you need.

If not the cable atleast he can help you with the stuff that you need.

his phone no is 9422025136 in case you need to call him.
i do all these kind of things.. I watch movies daily using the same
cable that you are saying. but S-VIDEO to S-VIDEO cable is much better
clarity wise..

i got the cables from singapore but you can try you will surely get it
here... if not then mail me back i will tell u the location in mumbai.

Thank You.
Rohan Dighe.

Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

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your grandmother.
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