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i need to install ubuntu on a PIII laptop of which the cdrom drive is bad

the laptop does not support booting from external usb cdroms

in windows world i would have removed the laptop hard disk and
connected it to other pc
make it bootable and transfer the setup cab files on to it , put it
back on the laptop and run setup

but i a dont know how it can be done in linux

can i connect this hard disk to some other machine install ubuntu and
then put it back in the laptop and then would ubuntu re-detect all the

or any other idea
help ??


 Sure. Make other PC a DHCP server. Load the image on that server. Your LAN
card must support "boot from lan" feature. latest ethernet cards hvae that
feature. you'll need to specify IP of DHCP server for remote installation.

Amey Abhyankar.

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