[PLUG] Fedora 7 Launched !!

Rohan Dighe rsdighe at fedoraproject.org
Thu May 31 20:00:33 IST 2007


Great News for all you fedora enthusiasts out there !!!

"Fedora 7, the latest and arguably most ambitious release from the
increasingly community-friendly Fedora Project, has hit the download
mirrors. With its installable live CDs, merged package
repositories and much improved artwork, the new Fedora should prove a
major attraction"


"Fedora 7 comes along with a pretty impressive set of changes - however,
the average user will not see most of them... All over all, from the
user point of view an evolutionary but very useful step to a new version
of Fedora"


Check Out what's new in Fedora 7, yup the new version is called FEDORA
7 and not FEDORA CORE 7 !!!

Link for the release Notes:-

Link to Torrent Download:-

Thank You.
Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

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