[PLUG] techically OT but not..

Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 18:02:12 IST 2007


> http://www.plug.org.in/plugmemo.php
> Does not have a word F/OSS in it.
> Shall we treat F/OSS also off-topic on plug mailing
> list?

Please refer to http://www.plug.org.in/mailinglist.php

Sometime back, we had a complaint that PLUG mailing
list rules were too "restrictive". However, when we
have people/trolls on the mailing list who don't
understand the spirit of this mailing list and start
abusing it - It just leads to more noise on the
mailing list.

So before you point out that even the List Etiquette
does not mention FOSS - There is a reason why each and
every rule is not listed - as it is the list etiquette
is big and complicated enough for new people to

So *kind* request - Please don't troll.

-Devendra Laulkar

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