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Tue Nov 6 15:13:38 IST 2007

On 10/26/07, Vishal Rao <vishalrao at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/25/07, Desi Penguin <desipenguin at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I get good signal strength within my house. Never checked across floors.
> I get decent (20% signal strength) connectivity (it claims full 60
> mbps, my broadband works at full 256kbps speed) with my router on the
> upper floor and my tablet on the ground floor.
> What I'm wondering is, will the signal/range improve or degrade if I
> place one antenna horizonal and the other vertical, assuming both are
> active if I've enabled only WiFi-G mode? will have to check this
> weekend...

If you are planning to install dd-wrt - it allows you to increase the
transmission power of WRT54GL. A figure in the near vicinity of
70-80 mW is what is recommended and gives good result. Anything
higher might be bad for the hardware (max being 251 mW).

The default transmission power is around 28 mW.

The dd-wrt faq has good hints on how to increase range:

Random thought - another factor limiting the range of your wireless
router might be the range of your wireless laptop/desktop ! - it needs
to reply back, right ? :-)


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