[PLUG] infrared transmitter and receiver

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Tue Nov 6 19:47:02 IST 2007


I am looking for infrared transmitter and receiver devices that work on Linux.

(IR transmitter to control a device with remote control such as TV/STB from a 
PC. IR receiver to be able to decode remote control codes for which they 
aren't readily available or to use as a general purpose remote control 

Came across IR Blaster which can be bought online from irblaster.info and is 
supprted by lirc on Linux.

Would be nice if something equivalent is locally available though. Checked 
with a no of vendors with no luck.

Also read about recent "Intel Media Series" motherboards that seem to  have 
built in IR transmitter and receiver headers. But couldn't find a vendor for 
these motherboards or any information about what kind of devices connect to 
these headers.

Will appreciate any information.


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