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Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 01:00:45 IST 2007

dear friends in pune,

just discovered this wonderful document by all of you:

great stuff!

wish to make some small suggestions, given the changing nature of our
community worldwide.
i hope you consider these suggestions in the right spirit, please feel
free to discard them, and am quickly writing them down just to inspire
you with ideas. you may word it whichever way you wish.

a) please mention organizing and/or participating in regional,
national, and international events . . . .
the fact that you will hold events and public meetings that draw a
large number of people is important.

b) digital culture: promoting a digital culture derived from values
around the gnu, foss, linux, copyleft, etc etc <placeholder> vision.
this may be aspects of culture in written and verbal literature:
fiction, non-fiction, courseware; in various media, such as
television, film, websites, internet radio, newmedia, media
interviews, etc; authored, procured, published, distributed under
suitable copyleft or creative-commons licenses.

c) adapt and evolve the same digital culture and value-systems around
mobility and telecom. the handheld internet device is a much-bigger
phenomenon than the desktop computer can ever be, yet our technology,
values and philosophy have a much larger role to play in that domain.
[openmoko, etc] [telecom is the key operative word here]

d) digital rights management (drm) and privacy: this aspect of digital
culture around gnu, linux, foss, etc., has a much greater impact on
ordinary people and citizens of india, irrespective of their digital
literacy or illiteracy, or even their education or social status.
education, awareness, transformation around these values using
technology and licenses is PLUG's role....

hope this helps.

niyam bhushan

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