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Vidyadhar Gadgil vgadgil at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 19:53:26 IST 2007

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> Subject: Re: [PLUG] Re: BSNL Broadband Online Application
> I have been using GLB-502T for more than a year now...  Had problem
> once when had to visit D-Link support.  They took 8 days to fix the
> issue since one IC had gone faulty and some repairs can only be
> handled from Mumbai.  Unfortunately they had no standby unit they
> could give locally till the one under warrantee is fixed...
> Other than it works without any problem  :-)   just like BSNL.

In Goa, BSNL handed out Huawei routers. I have a SmartAX MT841
4-port ethernet, and it works without a hitch. The wireless models
(Huawei -- one wifi plus 4 ethernet ports) that BSNL supplies here
also work just fine, I haven't heard a single complaint.

In between, BSNL ran out of stock, so people bought D-Link, and
the results have been poor. Stick to Huawei, or whatever BSNL

Also, price-wise, the price mentioned for the D-Link appears
ridiculous. I paid 1800 for mine, and with wifi it was 2100 (they
were out of stock at that time, so I couldn't get, and I don't
have wireless anyway, so what the hell...)

> Also I have had enough bad experience with every player in this field
> (including VSNL, meaning Tata) that I am slightly content with BSNL...

Competition worked to wake up the sleeping behemoth -- BSNL. And
while still far from perfect, they have the private players beaten
completely in all ways -- price, quality of connection,
reliability, transparency of billing (you can check your usage
online), etc. Stick with BSNL, even if it takes some time to get
it, don't touch the private players with a ten-foot bargepole. Go
public sector when you can -- despite all the silly hype about
liberalisation and globalisation, the private sector hasn't
understood the basics -- transparency and fair pricing.
Experiences with mobiles are the same, and with P&T versus couriers.

Question everything -- Karl Marx

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