[PLUG] Re: BSNL Broadband Online Application

Vivek J. Patankar vivek.patankar at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 22:00:35 IST 2007

Pranav Peshwe wrote:
> Most of the time, there is no point is talking to anybody below the post of
> SDE(subdivisional engg). They give empty promises. Better talk to someone
> senior, they are more responsive and responsible. Ask for their mobile phone
> number. Generally, they give it. Then, you can query them whenever you want
> ;) Tell them, that i want this done or else i'll switch to Reliance or TATA
> or whatever.  Stating this at the right time was found to have appreciable
> effects :P If you have some 'contact' in BSNL, then nothing like it :)

I do plan to follow-up, the exchange is quite close.
Also, may I know, was the 'right time' in your case?

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