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shirish shirishag75 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 23:55:37 IST 2007

Hi all,
        I have a different tale/recount to count. Its also coming
something close to 2.5  years at my end. I took the D-Link 502T at
that point in time asking various people. Till date only couple of
times I had problem, once at the time of setting up the connection &
once when some other issue came up. Both the times the people in
D-Link were pretty courteous with me & both the times the problem was
solved, touchwood. So the next time (although with the way things are
going it may take atleast couple of years more) I need a router or
anything, I would definitely checkout D-Link first before going
anywhere else. I'm not so convinced about the chinese huawei routers
BSNL gives.
        Also on BSNL side, I have been pretty happy with their
performance. They don't promise the room & are pretty honest. When I
had a query or two I visited the exchange & the people concerned were
pretty nice. In fact I had such a good experience that 6-8 months down
after the service was continuing, it was Diwali I had a phone from the
same gentleman asking me how the broadband is faring.
           Lemme clear at the outset that I have no relatives, no
friends or anybody in BSNL . So for me BSNL also rocks.

          Shirish Agarwal
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