[PLUG] Problem in Slackware 12 ?

Abhijeet Anant Sane abhijit.sane at symphonysv.com
Fri Nov 16 12:39:59 IST 2007

hi ,
I am facing a strange problem . with the harddisk detection when using Fedora 
Core and slackware 12. 

When i install Fedora core 7 on my HP dc7600 machine . The harddisks are 
detected as "hda". If I install slackware 12 on the same machine the 
harddisks are detected as "sda". 

I am not sure why this is happening. This is causing me a lot of grief because 
when ever i download the latest kernel on the slackware setup and compile it 
correctly. the newer kernel detects the hardisk as "hda" and not "sda" .

The /etc/fstab file for mounting the partitions will be wrong in  case of 
newer kernel and booting does not work for my newer kernels. My newer kernels 
all boot fine on fedore core 7 based machines.

I am using the .config file found on the slackware 12 install CD.
I then run "make oldconfig" on the same config and then proceed with 

Let me know if i am forgetting to set some options in "make menuconfig"
waiting for u r response.

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