[PLUG] installed application disappears !!!

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 10:09:16 IST 2007

On Monday 19 Nov 2007, Chetan Kumar wrote:
> On Nov 18, 2007 5:57 PM, Devendra Laulkar <devendralaulkar at yahoo.com> 
> > Hi,
> >
> > Open up a console and run whereis :-
> >
> > whereis gaim
> > Check from Mandrake control center(mcc) if the package
> > is installed or if it is installable.
> I am through with the basic stuff like this.
> I was hoping for some hotshot admin hand to offer some more
> sophisticated thoughts and leads.

A suggestion; in your original post, it would have helped had you stated 
what you have already done to debug the problem.  This will save 
other's time as well by not suggesting what you have already tried.

> > Did you update the repositories / install any software
> > updates ?
> I did installed (as mentioned in the opening mail). Nothing more than
> that.
> Weird stuff.
> I was wondering (there was no real basis for this) if my changing the
> nameserver entries to opendns in resolv.conf made me vulnerable in
> some way and there was some mischief like rootkit installation. I
> checked for rootkits just to be sure. Nothing threatening found.

In your postings, you have not stated whether your pc is behind a NAT 
router or it's NIC is bridged to the modem's WAN iface.  In bridged 
mode, nasty things can happen if you have not secured your OS and the 
net apps.

> I have installed the application again ;-)

A good sys admin practice would be to: Install aide or tripwire for 
signatures of your files systems.  Each time you upgrade/install 
anything, get a fresh sig. db. and transfer it to a "safe" place.  This 
will give an audit trail of what/when things went wrong.

Arun Khan


-- Arun Khan

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