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Raxit Sheth raxitsheth2000 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 23:34:44 IST 2007

Regret me for replying to Off-Topic.

Google Transliteration is fine, but I think not opensource.

I know few system that implement transliteration but some of them
using Ajax or some other technology or Not-OpenSource <officially> or
Not So Natural.

I come to know [from shantanu  oak] one guy from Pune, namely Omkar
Joshi <in CC> has developed Indic Transliteration and put it as
Opensource under LGPL.

This system is supporting few websites currently, and based on my
personal opinion it works fine with Hindi/Marathi  still I am not able
to test as totally unaware about South Indian languages.

The system is completly JavaScript and hence can be Integrated with
many CMS like including wordpress. <drupla plugin is already out as
per my knowledge>

Action Just Taken before few minutes. :


<please note : Regret I am very new to html/php/javascript/wordpress.
Otherwise i have ...!!!>

Action Item Required :

1. Tellugu, Tamil,Urdu,Punjabi Testing is Required for the system.
 If you find if some words are not rendering properly please post bug
and/or solution to above mentioned group.

2. Specifically for wordpress, I have submitted idea, you may want to
Rate/Comment the Idea,

 3. Integration with any other technology ? please suggest.

4.Play with System, If you find it useful Tell the world. !

5.  follow or further disussion on above google group.

Raxit Sheth
www.barcamp.org/BarCampAhmedabad<---IIM-A , date Changed. !

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