[PLUG] Sessions @ IndicThreads Conference On Java Technology 2007, Pune, India

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Thu Oct 11 15:20:37 IST 2007

Dear Plug members,

Please find below the list of speakers and sessions at the
IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology 2007.  The conference
has 2 parallel tracks and sessions on various facets of Java.

Conference Dates - 26th and 27th October 2007
Venue - Symbiosis Infotech Campus, Hinjewadi IT Park, Pune, India
Website - http://Conference.IndicThreads.com

Sessions -

   1. Web services for human beings – Axis2
      - Speaker : Samisa Abaysinghe
   2. Complementing Unit Test with Dependency Injection and Mock Objects
      - Speaker : Paulo Caroli
   3. Refactoring to Patterns – a practical look into the Agile
approach on Evolutionary Design
      - Speaker : Paulo Caroli
   4. Spring and EJB 3: All-Star Team or Neighbors with Good Fences?
      - Speaker : Debu Panda
   5. Spring Tutorial -  Building an application from scratch
      - Speaker : Peter Thomas
   6. Advanced Spring (MVC, Acegi, AOP & Persistence)
      - Speaker : Peter Thomas
   7. Effectively Taming SOA Chaos
      - Speaker : Debu Panda
   8. Open Source Java VoIP Platform - JAIN SLEE JSR -240
      - Speaker : Ivelin Ivanov and Amit Bhayani
   9. Squeezing Java for Mobile and Embedded systems - Benefits and Tradeoffs
      - Speaker : Sunu Engineer
  10. Grid enabling Data Intensive JEE applications
      - Speaker : Jags Ramnarayan
  11. Apache Wicket Component based Java web development
      - Speaker : Karthik Gurumurthy
  12. Wicket, Tapestry and JSF side by side
      - Speaker : Karthik Gurumurthy
  13. How to make your Ajax applications go offline
      - Speaker : Chris Schalk
  14. JSF and Ajax: An update on the latest strategies for building
Ajax applications with JavaServer Faces
      - Speaker : Chris Schalk
  15. Enterprise Mashups – Opportunities and Challenges!
      - Speaker : Swarraj Kulkarni
  16. Enterprise 2.0: Bringing Web2.0 Collaboration and Social
networking to Enterprise applications
      - Speaker : Ramesh Loganathan

Please note that this is a vendor-neutral conference and not a Sun
event. Rightrix Solutions and IndicThreads.com are independent of Sun
Microsystems, Inc.


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