[PLUG] Mandriva Linux 2008

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 15:38:53 IST 2007

On 10/11/07, Vishal Rao <vishalrao at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've tried the "One" 2008.0 KDE Live CD this morning. Nothing great
> IMO. My suggestion is to avoid it unless it is the only distro that
> supports your hardware etc which others like Ubuntu or openSUSE won't
> :-)

Actually need to upgrade to 2008 is because finding new and improved
(security holes plugged) packages becomes difficult so I endup
updating to a new version every 1.5 year or later also to check if
INDIC languauges support has improved...

Mandriva has been supporting most devices I need out of the box.. no
tweeking required since Mandriva 9.1.  Last time I was about to switch
to OS (O'punSUSE), I realised I could have erased my data had I gone
ahead with their file partition (identified by installer) definition.
Also installer miserably failed for my laptop.  Maybe I could have
tried Ubuntu then...only if I had CD.  I have tried ubuntu on a
different desktop and looks ok... except that most things were
different for me due to my Mandrake background.

Hope these things above is helpful to somebody.. else loss of B2K
(Bandwidth 2k :-)

Having said that last week It could not recognize or find 1 GB memory
(which looks almost like mobile SIM card) module inserted into it's
3-1 reader.  I am still wondering about it...

time to gooohoo!

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