[PLUG] problem setting raid server ubuntu 7.04

Abhishek Daga abhishekdaga at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 11:38:06 IST 2007

--- ಓಂ <guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Most people who know all do not respond usually so quickly :-)
> Thanks for granting that title so quickly.
> Your mail did not mention what all you did, neither there was a clue
> to look for, for us poor souls who are willing to help...
> Hope this helps *you* next time

I did a text book install (though guilty i did not mention it
explicitly so) and arrived at a point at which i got stuck. posted the
message where I thought it got stuck. so if anyone had a similar
encounter they could tell me. There was nothing more to it. 

but I am glad it resolved itself.. Because i did pretty much everything
i did the first time around. 

in anycase, lets not waste bandwidth for the rest of the pluggers.
sorry about that folks. 


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