[PLUG] Plone Vs Joomla

Manas Alekar maalekar at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 14:28:44 IST 2007

> Almost all hawkers

hawkers ?

> 1. Powerful.
> > 1.5. Highly functional (I don't want to go about hunting for a new CMS
> or
> > writing a new plugin.)
> It is powerful if you mean taking load.


Functional = lot of functionality available as modules or built in. Example
: Event Calendar.  These stupid requirements keep turning up all the time
our of nowhere. And no, I cannot draft them at the outset.

> Example, do you want to host a blog?

Who knows ?

> 2. Clean.
> If you mean not_kludgy_like_PHP (sorry folks, at worst I may be
> passing on a bad meme I picked from somewhere)
> It has clean look if you mean that. One of the plone founders is a
> User Interface Designer at google since year (based on the clean feel
> of the default plone site)

That answers my question :)

> 3. All the tough stuff hidden away from the user.
> End-user?


> 4. Easy to maintain (I don't mind bleeding during setups.)
> It is easy.
> > 5. Secure, with access control lists.
> Yes.
> Regards,
> Chetan
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