Re: [PLUG] mukta आणि dnyan

ಓಂ at
Tue Oct 23 14:47:35 IST 2007

If you allow me to expand the sentiments a bit little specific to what
does and what does belong to PLUG...

Some may go to the extreme that anything **without Gnu/** prefix does
not belong to PLUG and that will be equally true if *everybody* was to
think like you just thought.

IMHO, if any of the thread has a root discussion associated with or
related to the [Mind you the text
there probably contains many error from legal point of view], then it
needs to be perfectly On-Toppic here.  Sometimes people may say lets
discuss this in a PLUG meeting instead of mailing list... is concerned
people are local or can become available... but one can't assume

Anyone can argue on these point freely to the content of one's own heart...

But this again is an opinion not a statement (so it may or maynot be
available for review and modifications)

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