[PLUG] unicode urls???

atul nagargade atulnagargade at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 24 15:09:35 IST 2007

Currently i'm in working in Netsol,IBM,Pune . I'm lokking for a Change. Over a Linux-unix-win2003 Environment-Please tell me if there any vacancy.
Atul Nagargade
Client Site Infosys,Pune

Gaurav Mishra <gauravtechie at gmail.com> wrote: On 10/22/07, ಓಂ  wrote:
> On 10/22/07, sudhanwa Jogalekar  wrote:

> What is proposed and is (probably) under testing is ...
> डव्ल्यूडव्ल्यूडव्ल्यू.मराठी.कॉम
> feel free to correct wherever necessary...

Ack, Proposed where ?

AFAIK , root servers only allow English TLD`s, the popular chinese
ones are having their in country root servers for the Chinese IDN`s

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Mishra

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