Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 16:02:59 IST 2007

> Sorry for the delay in answering, but I am sure, one antenna is for
> the G band and the other is for the B band.

I don't mean to distrust, but I really want to find data to backup this
claim. I tried searching the web, but didn't find evidence to suggest that
two antennas are for 'b' and 'g' variant each. (May be I didn't look hard

This wikipedia page also doesn't mention something about "one antenna is for
the G band and the other is for the B band."

Here is an image of Wireless-B only linksys router with two antennas.

Can someone provide more details ? Pointers to URLs would be nice.


P.S: I know people on PLUG mailing list are easily offended (some anyway),
so let me repeat "I do not mean to distrust". Let me apologize in advance if
I have hurt anyone's feeling by asking more data.

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