[ilugd] [PLUG] [x-post] foss events list in india 2008?

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 23:23:19 IST 2007

this is a bit [OT] and may contain humour so read it at your own risk...

what is usually called FOSS is actually FSOSS (corrrrrectly called अफसोस )
The logic in ignoring first *S* is almost the same that is used in
ignoring *is* in **GNU is Not Unix**

this *is* is actally *IST* [in German], pronounced इष्ट [Sanskrit,
meaning proper] and also indian standard time}

This inherently has a symptom of ignoring small participants in the
progress you are making..
Think about it little deeper...

Simple history repeated again...

If i was a slashdotter, I would call it **defective by design**  I
assume people who are champions of FOSS.IN are also **probably**
making similar mistakes.. as i heard somewhere recently

There is wise saying as put on site http://verisoftindia.com/ which
makes me wonder where we (?) are really heading...

But hey, whose valuable time is being wasted but mine??? So keep
finding new acronyms for the same old **wine**...

as long as the problem don't get fixed... हम मुकर्रर कहते रहेंगे। [if
you have heard Anoop Jalota (or some gazal singer who said it jokingly
in one of his albums), you will know what abovesigned means here]  :-)

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