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On 9/3/07, Sriram Narayanan <sriramnrn at gmail.com> wrote:
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>  >        One interesting note though, girl/woman power is on the rise .
>  Nice to hear about that.
>  Some of the best programmers I've worked with have been women. In my
>  experience, they've been dedicated, hard working, focussed, and
>  results driven.
>  And this has applied to even those young persons who had a reputation
>  of smiling their way through exams for marks.
>  A few days ago, I interviewed a candidate who had some flawed Object
>  Oriented Programming skills. But within minutes of my explaining to
>  her how OO works and after giving her Internet access, she did an
>  amazing job of solving various problems that I put to her. For a
>  variety of reasons, we finally didn't select her, but I've been
>  following up on her C++ studies over mail.
>  The point of my mail: There's nothing about computers and technology
>  that ought to prevent women from participating in full time. Let's
>  work toward getting more women on board !
>  -- Sriram
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Hi all,
     On PLUG's meet we got some more info. about the upcoming  mashup
camp http://plug.org.in/mashup/ would be perfect to showcase your
skills. Go ahead, add yourself
http://plug.org.in/mashup/index.php?AddYourSelf as well as look at
some of the ideas http://plug.org.in/mashup/index.php?Ideas . One
point though which I didn't make clear also in the post about mashup
is there is a concept of teams this time around with one person to 8
persons to whatever but its a team thing. Another point, the licensing
has to be under FOSS. It could be gpl, gpl2, gpl2+ restrictions, gpl3,
apache, bsd or any of the derivatives. Here's a pointer to know about
which license one could use perhaps . A somewhat comprehensive listing
of licenses and what they mean. http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/
 Another thing to be taken care of is documentation. Without
documentation of what a command is, how it works etc. its useless.
There was also talk of some kind of award, while its cooking, the
simple reference would be to recognize one's dedication to the

Some of the things on which whatever award it would be on the basis of :-

1. Presentation :- It would be the presentation of the problem
statement, how the team went about solving it, creativity,  what they
learnt about it and maybe how they interacted with each other and what
they learnt in the process.

2. Documentation :- This should also carry some weightage.

This is what I gathered, there might be other things too or some
things which I may not have reported correctly. Sudhanwa Sir might be
able to fill in the details.

/me out.
          Shirish Agarwal
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