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ಓಂ wrote:
> http://www.linux.com/feed/119348
> I wish there was something similar done here for children... (yes.. i
> know there are 12+ indian languages to be handled :-)

The one jarring note with a "National OS" is that it is either a fork or
rebase of an existing work and ironically far too much is spent on doing
one. That expense would have been well spent in getting the language(s)
supported on the upstream from a localization and internationalization
perspective and of course from a documentation perspective.

Handling 12+ is not much of a challenge since the framework (ie tools
and other bits that make up the native language effect) is already in
place. Handling the remaining from the 22 official would be a stretch of

What would be far more interesting is ensuring that there are enough
relevant applications in place that would enable such a OS to be
actually useful eg an ability to plug in languages into programs that
make up the GNOME and KDE Education set and more applications that allow
learning to be delivered.

> Also tried the first things on OO 2.3.0 to realise that Marathi
> rendering is still not purrr...fect.

You do need to file an issue (or multiple issues) then with sample
documents and screenshots that would enable fixing them. I'd say that
first file upstream (at OpenOffice.org) and then on your distribution


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