[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] 2D and 3D Software Development

vijay patil vijay.patil at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 12:39:51 IST 2008

Looking for students, freshers who want to learn and write great
software and want to work on adrenaline rushing ideas.

+ Work Location: Hadapsar, Pune.
+ Environment: Start-up/Lab like, no fixed plan, no clients, just
experimentation, learning, thinking great ideas
and writing tons of free software.
+ Salary: Ad hoc (no fixed amount or structure)

+ Profile Description:

o Programming is your hobby. You are in love with programming
languages in C/C++ and wish you had invented fastest sorting
o You are curious to know to how OS, RAM, processor and graphics card
works at deeper level.
o You are interested developing new products based on 2D and 3D graphics.
o You are curious to know how simulators (like Microsoft Flight Simulator) work.

o You are comfortable in start-up like environment (where you are
allowed/expected to work on your own ideas.)
o You are aware of free software movement, its history and are
tolerant of different points of view.
o Last but not least you want to contribute to software that really
makes a difference to people's life.

Specifically, you either already know or would like to learn following:

o C, C++ and STL
o Simple Direct Media Library (www.libsdl.org)
o OpenGL (http://www.opengl.org, www.mesa3d.org)
o OpenSceneGraph (http://www.openscenegraph.org)

Note for freshers: If you want, initially you will be given training
on C programming and 2D games in SDL (which is simple to learn.) etc.

+ Education: Does not matter much.

+ Links:


+ Contact:

vijay.patil at gmail.com


Vijay Patil

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