[PLUG] mandriva spring where is it

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Sun Apr 13 15:50:51 IST 2008

On 13-Apr-08, at 3:10 PM, Arun Khan wrote:

>> the problem with mandriva spring is this: I configure eth0 to connect
>> to the lan and eth1 to connect to internet. When I click 'share your
>> internet connection', I am shown eth1 as the interface to the
>> internet. Then I have to choose the interface to the LAN - and it
>> says 'no interfaces available'. But net centre shows eth0 configured
>> and connected.
> Rather than relying on GUI, I suggest writing a small shell script to
> set the WAN/LAN ifaces and the kernel routing tables.  Invoke the
> script through rc.local or equivalent.

then why use Mandriva?



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