[PLUG] mandriva spring where is it

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Mon Apr 14 09:22:03 IST 2008

On 14-Apr-08, at 9:00 AM, ഓം wrote:

> I think it is noted in the basics of documentation on
> firewall/gateway... tools... (Just in case needed), because I remember
> reading it then...(10 years back :-)

I configured my first LAN about 20 years back - those days there was  
just eth0 (or whatever dos called it). Even when internet came, it  
was diallup - so again eth0 was connected to the lan. It is only  
recently that ethernet is being used for internet connection. That  
too for only one machine. All other machines have eth0 connected to  
the LAN. So it is just silly. And anyway mandriva correctly  
identifies eth1 as connected to the internet. It just refuses to see  
eth0. I am now downloading the full spring dvd - will revert if this  
gives the error also



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