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Going forward, we intend to start to bundle Indian Open Source
projects along with future releases of Belenix

So get involved, and get your projects showcased to the world !:)

-- Ram

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Dello All,

 After a long gap and lots of things happening behind the scenes,
 we are pleased to announce the availability of BeleniX 0.7. This
 release marks a considerable change in the evolution of BeleniX.

 With 0.7, BeleniX is now a source level derivative of Project Indiana.
 As such it has most of the Indiana features except for Image
 Packaging which is still in the works. V0.7 is installable to the
 harddisk and supports ZFS root.

 Following are the highlights of the release:
 * Re-branded Caiman Installer installs BeleniX to ZFS root.
 * The Distro Constructor is adapted as the BeleniX Constructor.
 * Fully packaged. All software in BeleniX are delivered via SVR4
  packages unlike the previous releases.

 * BeleniX now includes the full 64Bit Kernel and libraries. The
  LiveCD is still 32Bit, but the 64Bit kernel is booted on 64Bit
  CPUs after installation to harddisk.

 * Properly integrated and themed KDE 3.5.8. BeleniX now includes
  the K Display Manager SMF service which comes up by default
  while booting from harddisk. People familiar with the legacy DTlogin
  will welcome its ability to drop down to Console Login unlike GDM
  and the seamless desktop login (again unlike GDM!).

 * Synced up with ON Build 81.
 * 0.7 Includes packages from various other OpenSolaris consolidations:
  Fully Open X, SFWNV, JDS, NWS, Docs (man pages), Developer
  Product Tools etc. BeleniX includes some 650+ software packages
  in the LiveCD with more via a separate download.

 * Additional software can be downloaded via the /usr/bin/get-pkgs
  Please see the Release Notes for more details. This is a temporary
  measure till BeleniX migrates to Image Packaging with its own

 * The bundled in Gtk-Qt theme engine provides Qt theming support
  for GTk apps running under KDE.
 * The Firefox form widgets look better thanks to KDEwidgets from

 * The BeleniX Development project is now hosted off SourceForge:
  http://sourceforge.net/projects/belenix. The SVN repository hosts
  all the SPEC files used to build additional FOSS packages for
  BeleniX and sources and packages of all BeleniX tools utilities,
  BeleniX Constructor and Branding stuff - check it out.

 The Release Notes contain other important info and is a must read:

 The belenix 0.7 download information is available at

 Overall, we hope this release has a reached a level of usability where you
 can actually install and use it as regular desktop environment and enjoy
 KDE on OpenSolaris.

 This announcement with a few additional points is available at

 best regards
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