[PLUG] postfix mail sever, strange spec

irfan attar irfan_attar at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 14:31:15 IST 2008

hi all,
        i have mail server requirement as follows
priority a  -> 1.  mail server should run on different port ,    not on 25 

# this requirement i have completed  in postfix.

priority c  ->    2.    there will be only two mail id a at example.com and b at example.com.

# i have created only two email id.

priority c  ->    3.    a at example.com will only send mail to b at example.com.

# please help here.

priority c  ->      4.     b will only receive but will not reply

#help me again

priority a ->    5.     a at example.com will be used multiple places and mail will be send at time. all such mails should be accepted. it should not go to spam. 

#  this is more important 

priority b ->    6.     mail from & to any other domain should not be allowed.

# this is also important

i have completed 1st and 2nd requirement .. Any idea how to do it in postfix or any other FOSS mail server.

thanks in advance

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