[PLUG] Need Help: Sify Vs Linux

म.हा.सा.ग.र o.s.h.o at guruvision.com
Wed Aug 13 10:57:02 IST 2008


A fanatic and lunatic might list the same in following way... :-)

g. You have a problem with the namin*g* server.
n. You are behind a proxy and are *not* aware of it.
u. have a problem with your browser.

In either case, you need to perform a few simple tests and let us know how
it goes. For your own benefit, we will *not* suggest the syntax.

l. if you can ping a few url's.
i. If you cannot *dig* the url.
n. to see what port and proxy (if any) windows uses.
u. & try to get through to a *opendns* server.
x. & try working with another browser.


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