[PLUG] Mandriva And Mandriva...

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 24 20:51:22 IST 2008

On Sunday 24 Aug 2008, म.हा.सा.ग.र wrote:

> At the same time I must admit that dangerously enough philosophical
> (logical for some) way everything happens on a Ubuntu desktop looks
> so much similar to Windows way of handling things!  except the
> cosmetics!  flames & discussions are welcome on this point...

Each distro has it's own philosophy.  Ubuntu/Kubuntu targets the desktop 
user.  Ubuntu has eased the installation of restricted formats/drivers 
through meta packages and offering to download them when you try to 
open such formats.

On the flip side "auto run" is set to yes as default in Nautilus.  This 
has a potential problem when you insert removable media from suspect 
sources.  In early July, I was trying to help a colleague with a 
presentation issue.  When I inserted his USB pen drive on my Ubuntu 
8.04.1 I noticed a lot of <dir>.exe files created on my hard disk.  
Obviously, the pen drive was infected but worse yet the virus was able 
to create the files on my system.  Luckily the damage was contained 
since the .exe files could not run on my system.  I disabled "auto run" 
in Nautilus.  Ease of use has it's down side.

Arun Khan

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