[PLUG] Debian Etch 4.0r4a installation failed ...

Vijay Nikam vijay.t.nikam at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 15:41:26 IST 2008

Hello all,

It is the first time I am installing any flavor of Debian ... I have
debian 4.0r4a on DVD as installation media ... and following is host
configuration ...

IBM ThinkCentre A24
256 RAM, Pentium D processor ...

I started the installation successfully ... the installation was done
till partitions and it was ok ... then it started to install base

The installation was done upto 70 percent ... but then it dosent do
anything while Configuring APT Sources ... and after some it gives the
following message ...
'No installable Kernel found in the defined APT Sources'. I also
checked the apt source list and it is empty ... I am not doing
netinstall still it checks the apt source list ? ? ?

The installation media is correct and not faulty ... for sure ... It
also says that the installation can be continued without kernel
installation and it can be installed later ...

I do not know what went wrong ... do i need to pass kernel argument
before installation ? ? ?

Any suggestions to proceed ... kindly please acknowledge ... thank you ...

Kind Regards,
Vijay Nikam

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