[PLUG] w810i on mandriva 2008

Sudhanwa Jogalekar sudhanwa.com at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 23:22:19 IST 2008



On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 2:48 PM, Swapnil Bhartiya <arnieswap at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> wrote:
>> > > Yes. But though it unmounts it is not ejected.
>> >
>> > Does it mount?
>> Yes. It is the "safely remove" I am worried
>> about.

>> --
> There is this issue in Mandriva, I faced it too. Every time I have to become root on terminal and then unmount. As non-root user it will not un-mount. In my Ubuntu, it works seamlessly.

Once in a while you get such errors in Mandriva. But it also shows the
process due to which this happens. Just kill the process and you can
unmount, eject safely.

Actually, it does not really matter even if it is not unmounted /
ejected properly. You can just do a sync before trying unmount. I have
never faced any problems on my Mandriva systems even if I unplug it
just like that without any unmount or safely remove or any other



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