[PLUG] kde4 experience- not so good

Swapnil Bhartiya arnieswap at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 00:16:01 IST 2008

>   I'm using kde4.1 on OpenSuse 11.  I'm using from
> sometime. There are
> a lot problems are still there. krunner, dolphin, kate
> often crashes,
> Plasma is working  well.
> My friends pls tell ur experience.
> -- 
> Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui

I tried it only once...KDE 4 series is a great ambition, but currently its just window shopping. Its the glimpse of what future holds. I will not suggest it for fulltime usage.

Secondly, I could not stick to OpenSUSE, coz I see some Microsoft blood. So, I am not much comfortable using SUSE. I have no issues with MS, but then you know there are always some issues and after Mr Gates out of Windows...I have few emotions left for that....sorry...

I would rather wait for full force KDE 4 on Kbuntu or Mandriva!


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