[PLUG] kde4 experience- not so good

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sat Aug 30 14:18:47 IST 2008

Arun Khan wrote:

> Developers just writing the code and releasing it  - for unstable/alpha/ 
> may be acceptable for alpha/beta but not in released versions.

Bugs are going to be carried over to released version unless many people 
test and report feedback.
> IMO, there was hype when KDE 4.0 was released - leading to expectations.  
> I personally bought into the hype 

End users falling for hype is indeed a issue.

 > A curious question - how come popular distros shipped KDE 4 in spite
 > of its condition ? What if people switch distros (as i did) because 
of > it ? Won't it hurt their popularity ?

Maybe it will but all major distributions include it for various 
reasons. A important one is the "release early, release often" strategy 
that is critical for upstream projects reaching a maturity level.  For 
Fedora, the reason is outlined in


If you don't want the latest versions, sticking to a older (but 
maintained) release is a option.


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